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evil genius casino

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Evil genius casino - quite good

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If this is your first time playing, select this option. You will get to learn the basics of Evil Genius New Game: This will take you into the game.

Before you start, you will be presented with your choice of difficulty and your Evil Genius. The latter is only if you press ESC in game.

If you have a saved game that you wish to continue, select this. You will also have a choice of selecting an autosave if you have one.

If you choose to save, a new file will be created. Change the game options in this menu. Some of these include adjusting the controls, how often an autosave will be created, and adjusting the sound.

The difficulty levels are as follows: Objects are at normal cost, enemies and superagents are a little bit tougher and tourists come by more frequently Hard: Main Screen After you selected your difficulty and your Evil Genius, you will be taken to your island.

You can start by constructing rooms in the rock by right clicking it and selecting the room type. There are some buttons at the bottom of the screen.

This shows a 2-D map of your base, shown from above. Enemies are red, henchmen are small blue dots, and your Evil Genius is a large blue dot.

Pink dots are neutral. This shows that money you have, the more the better. This is where you receive messages. Click this to see a pyramid of minions.

There are three tiers of specialty minions. The left number of each is how many minions there are of this type are in you base.

The right number is how many you have selected to train. Clicking this selects one of your henchmen. Clicking this again cycles through them.

This button selects you Evil Genius Research: Clicking this will take you to the Research Screen. Available items to be researched are at the top, researching items are at the right.

Clicking on an item on the right gives you the option to cancel the research. Once you have selected an item to research, you will have to choose between 1 and 3 research apparatus to use.

If you have the money, click the yellow Pay button to rule out the non-important ones. Shows the alert status of your base. Minions are at normal mode Yellow Alert: Minions arm themselves at the armory Red Alert: Minions run around the base, arm themselves and attack anything that is hostile on sight.

One superagent, John Steele, has the ability to change your alert status. Be sure to watch for that. Shown as the globe.

Click here and you will be taken to the World Domination Screen. World Domination Screen After you build a control room, you will have access to the world domination screen.

This can be selected by clicking the globe in the lower right corner of the screen. There are several things you need to know. I will explain them.

This is where all the action takes place. You can send minions and henchmen into the world. Heat is how alert that Forces Of Justice are to your actions.

Each AoI has a set Heat. If you build up too much Heat, more and more Forces of Justice will come to your island. This is where your Notoriety is, out of You start at 0, and as you work your way up by doing AoI, you will get more.

Each nation has a capacity of and there are 5 nations. You can lose Notoriety if thieves steal loot or gold. This shows the minions in your base.

Clicking on a minion will show a number with a negative below it, like The same goes for henchmen. In this view, you will see the available AoIs and the minions in the field.

Clicking on an AoI will bring up a different screen. This shows the description of the AoI. Shows a number between 0 and 9.

Zero being the most safe and nine being as safe as in the center of an atomic blast. Every 15 or so seconds the minions are doing an AoI, 0 to 9 minions may be lost, depending on the risk number.

This shows how much Heat you will get if you finish the AoI Notoriety: This is how much Notoriety you will get if you finish the AoI Time: This shows how long the AoI will take.

This shows how many minions of the selected type you will need. This is how many of the selected minion you have in the region.

There are 5 alliances throughout the world. This alliance controls all of North America and Japan. Their superagent is Dirk Masters. Most of the territories have a high cash rating, but have high risk rating.

They have some of the high end loot, but it is well guarded. Their superagent is John Steele. From what I know, this allience takes twice as long to respond to Heat.

This may not be true. Their superagent is Mariana Mamba. This allience controls all of Russia, the Eastern Bloc and Cuba. Incidently, these are all of the communist countries.

All of the regions have low cash rating. Their superagent is Katerina Frostanovia. This allience controls all of the oriental countries.

These regions have a cash rating in the middle. Their superagent is Jet Chan. Pay attention to the top left part of the screen.

This is how much cash you are taking out of a region. This is only available if you have sufficient control panels working.

If a control panel is unmanned for a period of time, the memory banks will kick in. Getting Cash Money makes the world go round, so that should be no exception to an evil base.

There are two ways to get cash. The first one is stealing. Send minions out into the world and they will steal cash.

This action results in high Heat though. The second way is cheats. This is your last resort though, so you must be absolutely sure that you want to do it.

Type in humanzee in the game. You will see a Task Completed message. Minion Types There are several minion types in the game.

This is your basic yellow coated worker. They do most of the construction in the base. You can recruit them in the Minion Screen. They cost money to recruit if you move the slider more to the right.

They will arm themselves with handguns at the armory. They are more effective at combat then workers. In the world, they are more effective at stealing.

They will arm themselves with rifles at the armory. They are very effective at combat and can steal more money in the field. They have high Health but low Smarts.

These minions are very effective at long range combat. Since they always carry their weapons with them, there is no need for visits to the armory.

They are very, very effective at stealing money. Get one early to pick of enemies from a distance. Send them out into the field and they will send money back like its tax refund day at the bank.

These minions are science nerds. They can fix and repair and broken objects that is damaged. They have low health so keep them out of the fight.

If brought along in a AoI, they reduce time by about 5 to 10 percent. These minions can do research better then any science minion.

They still have low health so keep they out of the fray. These minions work in the field of biochemistry. They have higher health, so they can last longer.

These minions specialize in quantum physics. The first social minion. They can return fainted minions to the barracks or archives if needed.

They can weaken enemies by directing their attack to the Attention stat. These minions are like TV personalities.

They take pictures of enemies to reduce Smarts. These minions are trained in the art of bribery. They weaken enemies by bribing them, thus reducing Loyalty.

No, not the dirty version. These minions are suave and cool. They make enemies drunk with wine and reducing Loyalty.

They are powerful in hand to hand combat and have high health. Enemy Types There are seven types of enemies.

These enemies are the first you will find. They do nothing until they find something incriminating. Once they do, they will attempt to escape, and bring the resulting Heat to the alliances.

These enemies infiltrate into you base to steal gold or loot. When they do, they will attempt to escape. You will lose Notoriety if they do escape, around 5 Notoriety.

These enemies will attempt to destroy your base. If they do plant a charge, it cannot be stopped. The timer is around 5 seconds. These enemies are the brunt force.

They are trained to kill and will not hesitate to shoot of they see something evil. If a group of 5 or more invade you island, send all of you military to them.

There are 4 rank levels. These are as follows: These are dumb and weak. They pose no threat to you base, or none that you should be concerned about.

One step up from the worst, they pose some threat to your base. They pose a high threat to you base and should be second on your priority list. These should be first on your list.

They pose a very high threat to your base. Each alliance has one superagent. This guy will remind you of Rambo.

You know, that big beefy guy. Be prepared to have a big fight. There is one way to defeat him, which I will explain later.

His special ability is Suppression Fire, which allows him to fire two guns at once S. Definitely should remind you of , James Bond.

As I explained earlier, he has the ability to change your Alert status. But at the same time, also changes your door security level to one.

This ability is Base Mayhem. Another thing is, the bullets he fires can kill a minion in less then 4 shots.

She has a devastating ability, Feminine Wiles. This ability targets any minion near her when she activates. That minion deserts your evil base after about 10 seconds.

When she first appears, you may see her go invisible. Be careful about this move. If she gets behind a minion, she delivers a instant kill knife hit.

This ability is called Cold Assassin. She may attack with her pistol. She holds it funny though. From what I know, he is the easiest one to take down.

Since all he does is close range combat, it should be easy to take him down with guns. His ability is Preternatural Speed, which allows him to dodge any attack.

Evil Genius Types You will have a choice of 3 Evil Geniuses when you start a new game. He looks like Dr. Evil and he acts like him.

His Area of Influence is medium size and his execution method is plain and simple. The multi-million dollar lady has the best ability. Any minion under her control loses Loyalty slower.

She may look rich, but you still start with the same amount. Her execution method is fairly amusing though, do it for a few laughs.

Lets just say it has something to do with hot cigarette ashes meets human flesh. Her Area of Influence is large but recharges slower.

The Chinese guy - a Fu Manchu lookalike. From what I know, his ability is that agents have a slower response time that all other Evil Geniuses.

His execution method I have only seen once, but it has something to do with a knife in the chest or something. His Area of Influence is small, but recharges Loyalty and Attention faster.

Choose what appeals to you. If you like Dr. If you like rich women, pick Alexis. But consider the ability of each. You will be treated with a cutscene where your Evil Genius explodes.

Rooms and Objects There are many rooms and objects in Evil Genius. This is where your gold is stored. Where your minions rest.

This is your basic Endurance replenishing room, with beds and lockers. This is where you minions go to restore lost Attention.

This is where you minions go for their daily meals. This is the next step to good Endurance restoring.

This is an important room. This is where prisoners are kept and where minions arm up. Also this is where the main security network is.

This is where minions go to heal up. If you have lot of injured minions, expect this room to be busy. This is where you want to put your Evil Genius.

If it is possible, set all of the doors leading to this room to level 4. Place your loot here too. The Atrium and Cabinet are only available if you cheat.

This is where your research goes on. Unless you have the equipment, you can do anything. There are several pieces of equipment that focus on one type of minion.

In order to train higher tiered minions, you must capture specialists out on the field. Some are easy like the guard and some are god awful, like the diplomat.

Eventually, your minions will get dumb from the control room. This is where they will have to go to restore their brains.

However, about 3 of the machines there will attract attention to the enemies, so watch it. A funny one you should watch is the Brain Washer.

Would you live in the dark? This is where the power is produced, ranging from generators to nuclear reactors. The regular generators provide 15 units, and the nuclear reactors provide 35 units.

Capacitators are needed in case of a blackout. Regular ones can store 10 units and high density ones can store 20 units. Where the rigid get more rigid.

This is where the body bags go. In here, they have no Area of Influence so there is no harm to you minions. You can place freezer racks that hold 6 bags.

The downside is that you cannot place traps, cameras and loudspeakers. Freezer racks All inside doors. There is a real reason to use these.

Without them, you will have agents snooping around your base. There are 5 types of doors. Your basic door with minimal security.

A much heavier door, can withstand more damage and has a higher security. Looks like something from a bank vault. A high tech door.

Withstands less damage then a heavy door but is harder to break open. Looks like a bar with lasers going vertically.

You use this to lock up your topside shacks outside. Weak door, only used in hotels. You must use these to contain tourists.

You must place a Hotel Hub if you wish to place a Hotel Wing. There are 3 rooms you can place in a Hotel. This is where your tourists check in.

You must place rooms to make them work. Place benches and pianos to occupy tourists. It must be staffed with social minions.

This is where tourist go to gamble. Again, it must be staffed with social minions to work. Choose from craps, roulette, or baccarat.

This is where your tourists go to relax. Believe it or not, you minions go here too. This part lists all the traps. These genetically engineered bees attack a certain stat of anyone.

You will know they have found a target if they form a! Truly evil, this Tesla coil attacks anyone with a certain range. This makes agents think that the target is a minion and they will attack it.

This reduces the agents Smarts. This makes agents think there is a damsel in distress, like those old movies.

Smarts Do Not Press: Devious as it is, this is fun to watch. It randomly moves backwards to forwards, often into another trap. Endurance Health, Smarts, Attention, Loyalty I put those in brackets because it may roll an agent into another trap.

When triggered, it releases a few grenades. It has a large range, so be sure there is nothing in the way. Health Knockout Gas Trap: This is a gas trap which takes away the stat Endurance.

Endurance Laughing Gas Trap: This will make agents laugh all the way to Attention loss. Attention Hallucinogenic Gas Trap: Say the really fast.

Note that your keyboard shortcuts may differ. It is done like this:. There is a way to "freeze" those pesky super agents that are killing your minions.

First you will need to have Lord Kane and The Matron as henchmen. Then you will need to have their special abilities Smooth Operator and Electro Shock Therapy available.

Now because of a glitch your super agent will be electrocuted forever: Do not do this with a lot of your minions are around.

Do to path finding errors your henchmen may just stand like dolts instead of using their abilities. Lastly this should work with the patched verision, and you are able to have mutiply superagents stuck like this at one time -- all if your like me and get over zealous too early.

Have fun taking over the world now. You can submit new cheats for this game and help our users gain an edge. You can submit a problem report for any non-working or fake code in the lists above.

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